ShowPup Productions is a creative video agency that conceives and creates funny video content. Our group of talented professionals will plan, shoot, and edit for you.

ShowPup has an extensive media network of sketches, web series, short films and more. We use working industry actors, directors and producers in our projects, check it out.

Our writers come from Chicago’s famous sketch comedy venues, TV producers and indie filmmakers. Utilize some of their advice and experiences.

Comedy Bred for Business

ShowPup Productions is a creative agency specializing in funny videos. We conceive, write, produce, shoot,
direct and edit any digital media you might need, our purpose is to make witty and cool stuff!
Our approach is viewer-focused, we make fun and engaging media you actually want to watch and share.

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We are the cool hang-out for Chicago Video Production and creative marketing. ShowPup Productions has a friendly staff sitting by the computer, staring at the screen hoping to receive an email from you!

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